No warranty or guarantee

Some patients do not respond successfully to dental implant surgery and in such cases, the implant may be lost. If the implant is lost during the healing phase, it is usually possible to replace it in a later surgery after the bony defect has healed or been bone grafted to achieve adequate bone volume for another implant placement procedure. Should it happen, I understand that a charge will be made for this procedure. It is also always possible to have a successful, solid dental implant and the connection between the implant and the gum and/or bone may fail months or years later, necessitating the removal of the implant.

Therefore, I hereby acknowledge that no guarantee, warranty or assurance has been given to me that the proposed surgery will be completely successful in eliminating all pretreatment symptoms or complaints. I acknowledge that there is the risk of failure, relapse, selective retreatment, or worsening of my present condition, despite efforts at optimal care. In the event of implant failure, there will be no refund of fees.

I understand that once the implant is inserted, the entire treatment plan must be followed and completed on schedule. If the planned schedule is not carried out, the implant(s) may fail.

I understand that my doctor is not a seller of the implant device itself and makes no warranty or guarantee regarding success or failure of the implant or its attachments used in this procedure.


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