Clear bracket archwire sequence

Because the metal rotation wings are not as stiff in the esthetic clear bracket as they are in the all-metal bracket, it is important to use flexible archwires longer to eliminate all rotations before intermediate archwires are placed. It may be advisable to begin with a CuNiTi in the mandibular arch for a few months and then progress to another flexible wire, such as a 0.017 x 0.025-inch D-Rect.

In addition, rectangular TMA wires are a good choice for intermediate torque control. The 0.017 x 0.025-inch TMA closing loop wire is used to retract the maxillary anterior teeth in an extraction case, when the case is bonded with the clear brackets.

Because the polymeric material of the clear bracket can wear down from occlusal forces, it is important to begin treatment in the maxillary arch and then use a bite-opening appliance, if necessary, to prevent premature contact on the mandibular clear brackets. Three options are available for a bite-opening appliance: a removable bite plate, bite turbos, or Guray Bite Openers (GAC), as discussed in principle 8.

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