Pesticides and Other Chemical Contaminants

Food producers and food processors exert major efforts to maintain a safe food sup - substances such as lead that can accidentally

Ply. Some risk of consuming undesirable substances, or contaminants, however, is get into foods.

Many of the chemicals that contaminate foods are the waste products of industry.

Unavoidable. Our industrial society’s reliance on chemical processes means that foods may become contaminated by a variety of chemicals introduced into the environment. In addition, pesticides used in agricultural techniques affect the food supply. The following section examines some of the major chemical players in the food supply and looks at some ways that scientists hope to reduce them.

Organic halogens compounds that contain one or more of a class of atoms called halogens, including fluorine, chlorine, iodine, or bromine.

Heavy metals any of a number of mineral ions, such as mercury and lead, so named because of their relatively high atomic weight. Many heavy metals are poisonous.

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