Wet and Slippery Coatings

A wet coating may indicate an accumulation of dampness caused by a deficiency of Spleen qi and yang, or of Kidney yang. Here, the tongue body is pale and swollen, and the coating is white. The wet, white, and thin coating can also indicate penetration of externally-contracted wind-cold.

If the coating appears very wet, greasy, or slighdy sticky, it is described as slippery. This coating represents a further stage in the evolution of a wet coating and points to a more serious yang deficiency, especicdly if it is white, as this represents an accumulation of damp-cold. In this case, the tongue body color is pale. However, this type of tongue can also indicate further penetration of the pathogenic factor.

If the slippery coating appears to be of a thicker consistency and slightly greasier, it may be assumed that more dampness has accumulated. If the coating also appears to be a little sticky, the dampness is transforming into phlegm. If the coating is both yellow and slippery, the dampness is transforming into damp-heat. This type of coating is often visible where there is disharmony between the Liver and Gallbladder, or between the Spleen and Stomach.


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