Why are so many people getting diabetes nowadays?

You often hear in the media that there is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, especially in the United States. There are several reasons for this. Lifestyles have changed dramatically in the past few decades. Most people used to have jobs that required physical labor (like farming). They cooked most of their own meals. They had far fewer “labor-saving” electronic devices, and didn't have the hassles of dealing with those devices, like having to remember PIN numbers and passwords.

Nowadays, many of us have desk jobs, so we aren't as physically active. Many of us don't have time to cook, so we eat out more often. And we're more stressed then ever, dealing with all the usual concerns about work, family, and friends. Not only that, we have to deal with an ever-growing number of gadgets. So we get less exercise, eat out more, and are more stressed. The food industry has responded to our need for quick, tasty food by making high fat, high calorie, sugary, salty food that's more delicious, easier to get, and more affordable than ever. And it comes in bigger and bigger sizes.

Of course, we should all take personal responsibility for what we eat and how we spend our time, but it can be really hard. Plate sizes and portion sizes are much bigger nowadays. Not many of us are able to only eat part of what's on our plate and throw the rest away or save it for another meal. We have less time to plan ahead to make sure we have healthy food at home. And we have less time to make sure we get exercise every day. A combination of all these things is making more and more of us overweight or obese. That extra weight causes insulin resistance. If your body isn't able to make enough extra insulin to overcome that resistance, then you'll get diabetes.

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