Phase ( Days): Basic Scheme of Treatment that May Vary Based on the Individual Patient

¦ Systemic medical therapy: Vascularys®e: 2cps per day + Lymdiaral®f: 20 drops x 2.

¦  Local medical therapy: Carboxytherapy (50 cc per leg introduced in the subcutaneous layer by little drops of gas) (two session per week).

¦  Physical therapy: Endermologie®—two sessions per week (vascularizing and recovering action).

¦  Surgical therapy: None.

¦  Other therapy: Alkalinized and antioxidant nutrition. Walking, physical activity, sun, and sea are recommended for this type of cellulite. Other local therapy can be thermal baths with carbonat-gassosus water to 37°C.

¦  After 60 days: Check up and maintenance therapy.

E The phytotherapeutic drug (Vascularys®) can be used as basic treatment of the forms of cellulitic syndromes characterized by veno-lymphatic alterations because it provides an increase in metabolic and functional activity of the local interstitial matrix and microvascular system. This product is sold under the trademark Vascularys® by Medestea Internazionale, Turin, Italy, and is composed of Bioflavonoids expressed as polyphenols (Vitis vinifera), fatty acids (EPA, DHA, y-linolenic acid, etc.), Vitamin E, Ginkgo biloba, Ruscus, Melilotus, and Centella. fThe phytotherapic drug (Lymdiaral®) (33-35) can be used as basic treatment for the forms of ede-matosus cellulitic syndromes. It is characterized by a typical lymphocinetic action and provides an increase in metabolic activity and an improvement in the elimination of the lymphatic toxins. This product is sold under the trademark Lymdiaral® by the German company Pascoe and the Italian company Named.

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