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Food. gov. uk

The Food Standards Agency is an independent organization set up to represent the public's interests as regards food safety. They are the force behind easily understood labelling on food.

Nutrition. gov

The official US government nutrition-dedicated site, packed with detailed, regularly updated information and healthy eating related reports and research.

Nutrition. org. uk

The website of the British Nutrition Foundation, which although seeming more aimed at healthcare and nutrition professionals offers some very interesting reading. More suitable for those who already have a basic knowledge.

Soilassociation. org

The body who certify organic producers and will tell you everything you need to know about organic farming, growing and eating.

Healthyeating. net

A comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable healthy eating site, with an emphasis on cooking and fantastic food.

Nutritiondata. com

You need to register, but once you have this site will calculate the nutrition content of practically any food you care to name; it also offers dietary advice.

Ten top tips for healthy eating

A Read food labels carefully

You may be taking on far less nutrition than you realize.

A Change your diet gradually

Don't revamp your habits too radically as that will lead to confusion and the likelihood of resentment, greatly reducing your chances of sticking to it.

A Spread your nutrition across your whole diet

Don't attempt to include half-a-dozen superfoods and not worry about the rest; look at getting some sort of benefit from every part of your diet, then vary it to incorporate as many different things as possible.

A Treat restaurants much like you would your home

Follow the same guidelines you would in your own kitchen and don't be afraid to ask questions or make off-menu requests. But don't take your trousers off, obviously.

A A little bit of what you fancy does you good Allow yourself a day off a week from your healthy eating plan: you've earned it.

A Eat regular meals, especially breakfast This will give you far more control over what you are eating as it will cut down the likelihood of your grazing during the day.

A Keep healthy snacks ready

If you are going to snack keep a healthy alternative to hand - carrot sticks, dried

Fruit, satsumas and so on - at work as well as at home.

A A little change goes a long

Way Small things like having that quarter pounder without the cheese or holding the mayo on a sandwich will add up to huge long-term benefits for your health.

A Eat more raw food It will not have lost the nutrients that get destroyed during cooking and the extra chewing involved will make you feel full, faster.

A Keep the cookery simple

Nothing is more likely to put you off eating fresh food than elaborate recipes and unusual ingredients - dishes such as roasted vegetables, blended soups and grilled lean meat take minutes to prepare and offer the food's unadulterated flavour.

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