Good Postural Alignment

The most common mistakes to avoid in squatting are:

• Bending primarily at the ankles first - This limits the range of motion at this joint and leads to the heels rising off the ground or knees rolling inward to accommodate any further squatting movement to follow. This may also lead to a more upright body

Participants with flat feet, weak knees or poor squat initiation at the ankles need to concentrate on keeping their weight distributed across the foot (establishing a foot arch)

And centred; with the initial activation, knees should be aligned over the toes at the hips and knees simultaneously (as shown in the photo above)

Note: Ankle and knee alignment will vary at times due to ones ankle dorsi-flexion and hamstrings length

Bending too far forward at the hips - This leads to overloading the lower back region

The squat itself is a key functional movement. In order to improve the mistakes described above and others, you can practice the supported squat exercise to learn good technique, as outlined in the proceeding pages.

Supported Squat

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