This is the perfect pose to do if you spend a lot of time sitting. It lengthens the hip flexors and can relieve lower back pain. It also stretches the thigh muscles. Cannabis culture news and events The latest news on cannabis community life and culture. Doing Kneeling Lunge relieves anxiety and tension while increasing energy and mental clarity.

•  Kneel in "table position," with your arms under your shoulders and your knees underyour hips.

FIG. 1:

FIG. l

•  On an inhalation, move your right foot between both hands, then slide it slightly ahead of your hands.

•  Exhale and bend your right knee to move both hips forward until your knee is fully bent without creating pain in the knee.

FIG. 2:

•  Slide your foot forward so your shinbone is straight. Make sure your knee is directly over your ankle. Keep your palms flat on the floor; if this is not possible, make two fists and rest on your knuckles. Hang your head forward.

•  Breathe slowly; hold for 20 seconds to 1 minute. Feel the stretch across your left thigh through the hip crease into the lower back.

•  Push on the floor with your hands to gently move back and out of the pose.

•  Repeat on the left side.

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