Back Squat

•  Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bar resting across rear of shoulders with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart gripping bar.

•  Maintaining the natural curve of your lower back, brace your stomach.

•  Breathe in as you slowly bend at your knees, sit back and lower buttocks towards the ground to the appropriate angle - quarter, half or full squat.

•  Keep your heels on the floor and resist leaning forward from the hips. Maintain ear over shoulder, over hip over ankle - from side position - and knees following the line of the toes.

•  Breathe out as you raise body upwards using your legs to starting position.

•  Maintain a continuous flowing movement at all times until repetitions are completed.

Note: This exercise can be performed lowering to a quarter squat, half-squat (90-degree leg

Angle) or full squat position.

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