Evolving your bridging

With a little dedication even the most inflexible, screwed-up-tight bastards will be able to achieve a fairly respectable bridge hold. It shouldn’t take too long. But you should start things slowly. Over the next few pages I’ll outline four simple progressions to lead you to the perfect bridge. Those of you familiar with Convict Conditioning will recognize the logic behind these progressions.

By now you should understand that performing bridge holds for joint health is different from performing dynamic bridges for muscular strength and endurance. Remember:

• Aim at performing your bridge hold for 20 seconds per session (this can be broken up into multiple sets).

Aim for perfection of movement—not difficulty of movement.

Don’t push your muscles, get sore or go to “failure”.

Joint “oiling” sessions should be energizing, not exhausting.

Train frequently to stay mobile, but don’t break your muscles down.

‘Nuff said. On to the progressions.

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