Training balance

What separates those athletes who dominate their sport from their peers? Think of Jordan, Ali, Pele, and Gretzky and their ability to perform "in balance". None were muscle bound men who could impress with their bench press ability! Strength cannot be directed to enhance performance if the athlete is off-balance, unable to direct their strength in optimal directions at the right time and with the optimal region of the body. Furthermore, balance is a dynamic variable in which inertial forces developed during movement add to the challenge of optimizing performance. There is a sophisticated system involved in functional force development that depends on feedback from the visual and auditory systems, vestibular system, and the proprioceptive system. All aspects must be challenged and conditioned to achieve optimal performance. Not only are we seeking to control the center of gravity within the base of support, but also to optimize the ability to develop supreme muscular force and then create force projections that maximize performance. Methods to train balance are outlined in the third section of this book.

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