Mallet Toe

Supple mallet toe deformities can often be addressed with release of the FDL tendon. This can be done via a percutaneous or open approach based on preference. After release of the tendon the joint is either pinned or taped to hold the DIP joint in an extended position.

Fig. 5.10 DuVries condylectomy being performed for a fixed IPJ deformity on the same patient

Fig. 5.11 Final intraoperative picture after completion of claw toe correction

Fig. 5.12 a, b Initial pre-operative radiographs of the case example of the patient with the isolated claw toe that underwent correction

The fixed mallet toe deformity is corrected in a similar fashion to a fixed hammertoe. In this situation the DIP joint is exposed and the distal aspect of the middle phalanx is resected. The deformity is then reduced and held in position by taping, pinning, or implants, based on preference.

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