Author's conclusions

There is no consensus regarding treatment for muscle injuries. Most proposed conservative rehabilitation treatment of muscle injuries have not been assessed using randomized controlled trials. Even when randomized controlled trials have been conducted, most have low total numbers of injured athletes, which potentially explains the variability among study results. Most other studies do not provide a level of evidence greater than expert opinion. Although the initial treatment of rest, ice, compression, and elevation is accepted for muscle injuries, no consensus exists for their rehabilitation. Until further evidence is available, current practice and widely published rehabilitation protocols cannot either be supported or refuted. As medical science does not help us we have to turn our attention to the basic sciences to have an approach based on biomedical fundamentals. Thus, factors that impact skeletal muscle structure, function and regeneration are of great importance and interest not only scientifically but also clinically.

There is no consensus regarding the rehabilitation treatment for muscle injuries.

There is a very low production of research studies about therapeutic interventions.

The basic sciences are a benchmark for developing a rehabilitation program to manage the muscle injuries.

Despite the inconclusive results of our review, we will try to provide the reader with the tools to build a reasoned approach to manage the muscle injuries, having as a benchmark the basic sciences and the few available evidences from clinical studies.

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