Lymph effleurage on the anterior/lateral thigh

Place both hands on the lateral region of the thigh, at the more distal end. Make contact with the fingers, the palm and the hypothenar/thenar

Figure 6.23 The intermittent pressure technique behind each malleolus and on either side of the Achilles tendon.

Eminences. Angle the fingers to point towards the inguinal area. Use only the weight of the hands for the effleurage, as the movement is more like 'dragging' your hands over the skin. This light pressure is sufficient to drain the fluid through the superficial vessels; a heavier application will compress and occlude them. It may help you to visualize a layer of fluid just below the skin, which is being encouraged to flow through very fine and delicate channels. Effleurage in the direction of the inguinal nodes. Keep the hands close together and move them very slowly; allow about 6 seconds to complete the stroke. End the movement before you reach the inguinal nodes, then remove the hands and return to the more distal position. Repeat the stroke several times, arranging the hands in different positions to massage the whole region of the thigh. Use a small amount of lubrication to help the hands move smoothly over the skin.

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