Troubleshootng the Puff

f your har or any secton of t s stll puffng up (and you want a more defned look), here are a few tps to smooth out your curls:

•  t does matter what knd of condtoner you use. Some can be too lght, and others can get crunchy or stcky or buld up n your har. ’ve had the best results wth the condtoners recommend n chapter 11 or at TghtlyCurly. com. f the condtoner s too lght, t smply evaporates as f t was never there, nstead of dong the job you need t to do.

•  You mght not be usng enough condtoner. really slather the condtoner nto my soppng wet har. ( don’t even touch my har wth a towel; that’s how wet my har s when comb t.) When you’re combng n the condtoner, t wll foam up f you’re usng enough of t to do the job. By the tme you’re done and you’ve fnshed defnng and smoothng your curls, t vanshes. On the rare occasons when t doesn’t, just dab a lttle water on those spots and wpe t away.

f you’re lke me, you have a bunch of dfferent-sze curls all over your head. At the top and down the mddle of my head, my curls are much smaller and tghter than anywhere else. These are the curls that are smaller than the dameter of a pencl. Because of ths, when  separate my curls, have to make the ones n ths area much smaller than anywhere else. f don’t, they puff apart and then mat together. Sometmes put as few as twenty strands of har nto each curl. Here’s how can tell the sze of the curl need to make: f smooth a curl and t pops apart, then know t’s really two curls (or more) that was tryng to force nto beng one curl. dvde t agan untl each curl that smooth stays together.

Don’t touch your curls whle they dry; ths s a crucal tme when they’re ncubatng.

Make sure your har dres completely before you put t up at nght. Ths can take a whle. do my har n the mornng and go about my busness the rest of the day. By the end of the day, my har s dry.

f your ends are puffng, you could smooth a lttle more condtoner back over them when they dry to renforce ther clumpng. Ths often happens when the condtoner you’re usng to comb and set your har wth has a lghter, less emollent formula.

f you’ve been wearng your har n a style that’s held t straght for some tme, t may take your curls a few tres before they realze they’ve been set free. You mght let some condtoner soak n them for an hour before you comb and defne them. You could also scrunch them as you rnse n the shower and scrunch them even more as they dry. Hopefully, ths wll let them know they can curl back up agan. t may take you a few attempts before your curls come back n full force.

Dryng Your Curls

Once you have cleansed, condtoned, combed, and defned your curls, t’s tme to learn how to dry them and protect them. Ths nsures that all of your careful work to defne each gorgeous spral wll last throughout the week.

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