General management

f at all possble the lkely culprt drug should be dentfed and stopped. f t s vtal that the patent contnues to take the offendng medaton and the skn erupton s not severe then symptomatc management under careful supervson by the dermatologst may be ndcated. ndeed the appearance of severe skn rashes n cancer patents treated wth epdermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) nhbtors (erlotnb, cetuxmab, pantumumab) mples a better prognoss than for patents wth no rash. n these crcumstances t s mportant for patent survval to contnue wth the antcancerous treatments and manage the rash, however severe.

Topcal sterods usually help to resolve drug rashes more quckly than usng emollents alone. Sedatng anthstamnes (hydroxyzne, chlorphenamne) at nght and non-sedatng anthstamnes (cetrzne, levocetrzne, fexofenadne, desloratadne) durng the day may help to releve tchng.

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