mmunosuppressve Effect

¦  nducton of lymphocyte apoptoss

¦  Depleton of Langerhans cells

¦  nhbton of mmunoglobuln synthess by B-cells

¦  Reducton of L-2 producton by T-cells

The most commonly used cortcosterods n pulse therapy are methyl-prednsolone and dexamethasone. Dexamethasone s predomnantly used by dermatologst n nda for sterod pulse therapy.26-31 t s a potent fluornated glucocortcod wth half-lfe of 36-72 hours and 6.7 tmes more potent than Prednsolone wth no mneralocortcod actvty. Dexamethasone has more potent ant-nflammatory acton due to ts ncreased affnty for GC receptors and less proten-bndng capacty.32, 33 Dexamethasone s commonly used n a dose of 100 mg per day. But some workers have used a dose of 100-200 mg per pulse daly.22

Methylprednsolone s an ntermedate actng sterod wth 1.25 tmes potency compared to prednsolone wth bologcal half-lfe of 12-36 hours and has neglgble mneralocortcod actvty.34 Though less potent than dexamethasone, t can penetrate the cell membrane faster than dexamethasone, whch may enhance ts potency.35 Methylprednsolone s used n a dose of 1-2 g per pulse daly or alternate day.

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