Solutons such as 20% alumnum chlorde and 20% sopropyl alcohol or slver ntrate are used to stop bleedng n smple procedures (e. g. shave bopsy). Other optons nclude electrocautery (current passng through hgh resstance metal), whch produces heat wth the cautery tp appled lghtly to the wound surface. Avod alcohol-based antseptcs when usng ths method because of the rsk of fre.

Dathermy also generates heat by resstance to current whch passes through the tssues. The use of the dathermy may nclude delberate sparkng wth superfcal damage to the skn and lght scarrng. f drect contact s made wth the skn wth the dathermy tp then the heat s produced at a deeper level and s more lkely to cause scarrng.

Deeper wounds can have frm pressure around the edge of the wound to stop bleedng and then be sealed wth dathermy, or an absorbable suture s ted around the vessel. Electrocoagulaton (bpolar AC current) can be used for deeper wounds wth the current appled to the tssue by the forceps through to the vessel causng necross. Care must be taken wth electrosurgery nstruments because of possble pacemaker nterference. Ths may need to be dscussed n advance wth the cardologst.

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