The best way to dry your har wthout damage s to let t dry naturally. Lettng your har ar-dry keeps all of your strands stll and calm, wthout the damagng temperatures and vgorous blowng from a har dryer. The drawback to ar-dryng s that t can take four or more hours to do so, dependng on the temperature and the humdty. often comb my har as early n the day as possble and then do my errands and chores whle t dres.

f you want defned curls, leave your har alone when t’s dryng! Ths s the tme when your curls are vulnerable. Once they’ve set, they’ll be strong and hold together, but untl then, they’re fragle. Not only should your har never be combed durng ths tme (or any tme when t’s dry), but don’t even run your fngers through t. Do nothng that wll separate your curls. Untl your har has dred—and preferably been slept on n buns or brads to gve t a frm set—your har s extremely vulnerable. The curls haven’t set together yet, so f they get pulled apart and mussed, they’ll stay separated and fuzzy and wll probably mat n a few days.

Here are some tps to make the ar-dryng process successful. When your entre head of har has been combed and separated, you can clp, or use a smooth headband, to keep the front har back off your face f necessary. ( pn up the front of my har to keep t out of my face, but also to add a lttle heght at my crown.) Your har wll dry faster f t’s kept loose so that ar can get to all of your curls. f you’ll be dong any physcal actvtes, t’s best to pull your har back n a brad or a bun. When you’re fnshed, you can take your har back down agan so that t can contnue to dry.

t’s best not to sleep on your har when t’s wet. try to wash and comb my har frst thng n the mornng so that have the rest of the day for my har to dry whle run errands. ’ve found that f go to sleep wth wet har,  end up wth a pancake head. Pressng down on my braded wet curls all nght gves me a flat head. But even ths s an mprovement over the old days, when sleepng on my har whle t was wet meant that ’d have mats n the mornng where my har used to be.

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