This aromatic shrub, traditionally used at weddings as a symbol of love and fidelity, is a favourite amongst herbalists, naturopaths, and aromatherapists for its ability to calm anxiety and tension and relieve digestive upset.

Tie up some sprigs of rosemary and attach these under your bath tap as you fill the bath with water to create a wonderfully aromatic bath that can ease stress and tiredness. Infuse a handful of washed leaves with freshly boiled water in a teapot for 20 minutes. Herbalists recommend drinking one cup of this infusion daily to improve circulation and lower blood pressure. Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to an aromatherapy vaporiser/burner, or onto a handkerchief, to ease colds, catarrh, and nasal congestion. Or add a couple of drops to your shampoo and massage into scalp for a great hair tonic.

Rosemary oil can irritate sensitive skin, so test on a small area of your skin first. The oil is not advised during pregnancy or if on medication for high blood pressure or epilepsy or if suffering from insomnia.

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