A Basic Genetic Language

Write the name of the term that describes the phrase.

1. Two different alleles of a gene are both expressed with no blending in a heterozygousindividual

2. Non-identical chromosomes that determine male or female

3. The functional units of DNA; short segments of chromosomes

4. The allele that is expressed in a heterozygous individual

5. Two or more alternate forms or variations of a gene

6. The genetic composition for a trait

7. Individual having identical alleles for a gene

8. 22 pairs of chromosomes that determine most of the body traits

9. The allele that is not expressed in heterozygous alleles

10. The physical or functional expression of a genetic trait

11. Possessing all of the normal number of chromosomes

12. Possessing half of the normal number of chromosomes

13. Explain what a “carried’ for an allele of a gene means.

14. Distinguish between a phenotype and a genotype.

15. How do we obtain two copies of each gene?

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