Arnold Schwarzenegger Inspired Workouts

The final 4 week workout program from the Metabolic Masterpiece Renaissance Phase is inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and focuses on shorter rest periods, while producing a massive pump!

To achieve this massive pump, we will utilize straightsets, supersets, dropsets, and a finisher exercise where you hold the contraction for a 10 count. This will really bring out the definition in your muscles.

This 4 week program is a four day body part split routine and is very high in volume.

Be sure to make note of the “Target” reps column in your log book below. If the set calls for 8-10 reps, you should select a weight that you can do no more than 10 reps with proper form. If you feel that you can do 11 reps with proper form, go ahead and do 11 reps, but be sure to increase the weight the next workout. Also, make note of the rest period as it changes throughout the workout.

Warm Up

I have included warm up videos on the Metabolic Masterpiece Workout video page. I like to warm up my body with a few simple dumbbell movements combined with various arm circles to help loosen up my shoulders and get the blood flowing to them. I follow up those exercises by performing lighter weight reps for an exercise or two, which I will be performing during the workout.

For workout #1 you will be working your legs so you really want to get the blood pumping to them and loosen them up before you start cranking out the working sets.

Spending 5 minutes on a stationary bike is one of the best ways to warm up before a leg workout. Then you will want to proceed by performing some light warm ups sets for the squat.

Start with a body weight prisoner squat, followed by squatting the bar, and then gradually add weight to the bar until you get to the weight that you will be lifting for the working set. Ideally you want to do 5 warm up sets including the body weight squat. You should perform this sets at 50-60 percent of your effort. Do not go all out on these warm up sets. For the last warm up set you should only do 1 rep

At the end of this 4 week program you will be stronger, leaner, and become more sculpted.


Select a form of cardio that you enjoy performing that will not interfere with your goals. Often times it’s a combination of long duration cardio and HIIT cardio that works best.

Personally, I haven’t performed any cardio other than a 40 minute brisk walk nearly every day during this Renaissance Phase. I find that walking is the best form of active recovery for my body and reduces my stress. I believe that it puts my body in an optimal state to burn fat and build muscle.

I don’t get totally wrapped up in the amount of calories being burned from walking because I have found that walking suppresses my appetite while other forms of cardio and HIIT increase my appetite... therefore the calorie difference ends up being the same and I enjoy walking more.

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