Satisfy Your Soul

Health in body, mind, and spirit means paying a little attention to your spiritual needs too. For some doing so may mean following a particular religion but for others ‘soul satisfaction’ may be achieved through meditation, or through feeling a connection with ‘universal energy and love’.

This satisfaction can come just through a special moment, meeting eyes with a loved one, catching sight of a beautiful flower, sensing the awesome power of nature, or through healing therapies.

Healing therapies such as Reiki claim to connect you directly with ‘universal energy’, thereby facilitating the body’s own inherent healing power, while spiritual healers claim to channel ‘divine energy’ into the body. Many people enjoy these therapies and say that they lead to experiences of a deep sense of spiritual peace, calm, and well-being.

Try to find at least a few moments at the start and end of each day to ‘tune in’ and nourish your soul or find a personal or group spiritual activity that can have this effect on a regular basis. For more about healing therapies, visit Chapter 20.

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