Breast Pain

Although mastalgia is one of the most commonly reported symptoms in women with breast complaints at dedicated breast clinics or general practice,3 It is still underreported and poorly characterized. In a 1985 survey, nearly 66% of women reported having breast pain, of which 21% of cases were reported to be severe.4 However, only 50% of women with breast pain had consulted a family physician,4 and fewer still had visited a dedicated breast clinic. Because of the increasing awareness of breast cancer and the possibility that mastalgia may indicate disease, as well as the impact mastalgia has on the quality of life, more women than ever are seeking help for breast pain. Treatment usually balances management of relatively minor complaints with the side effects of treatment. More than 90% of patients with cyclic mastalgia and 64% of patients with noncyclic mastalgia can obtain relief by using a combination of nonprescription and prescription drugs.5

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